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Bug Random crash on "Audio File Thread" when destroying AudioClip

Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by rchapman, Jan 25, 2022.

  1. rchapman


    Feb 13, 2014
    We're seeing a random crash on "Audio File Thread" on Android if we rapidly create and then destroy an AudioClip from a UnityWebRequest with DownloadHandlerAudioClip. The stack trace usually looks like this:

    00331b99 /data/app/aws.asdasdwfixil2nostrip-QNUIB1xZIlsl4psQlmnDZQ==/lib/arm/ (AudioClip::WWWRead(void*, void*, unsigned int, unsigned int*, void*)+44) (BuildId: 362bf5cb6a16bdede9faa80e9f778ff4d10224f3) 2022-01-24 15:33:01.685 13389-15909/aws.asdasdwfixil2nostrip E/CRASH: #05 pc 013f315f /data/app/aws.asdasdwfixil2nostrip-QNUIB1xZIlsl4psQlmnDZQ==/lib/arm/ (FMOD::UserFile::reallyRead(void*, unsigned int, unsigned int*)+46) (BuildId: 362bf5cb6a16bdede9faa80e9f778ff4d10224f3)

    The AudioClip is set to be streaming, so my read on this is that the Audio File Thread is still trying to read the file into the AudioClip after it's been destroyed.

    We're looking for workarounds or solutions. It's not clear to me if there's any way to ensure this thread has stopped trying to use the AudioClip. Is there a property or something else we could monitor to determine if it's safe to destroy the clip? Would it be sufficient to Stop the AudioSource first then wait a short time (say 0.5s) before we destroy the Clip?