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Questions reevaluation after fulfilling optimization target

Discussion in 'GameTune' started by camel82106, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. camel82106


    Jul 2, 2013
    I watched video about GameTune from Unite Copenhagen. And one thing is unclear for me.

    If you want to create an question like tutorial speed. And if you would ask ML each time for new answer, you would still fall into same group? Or it depends on how you set answer type. (if it would be answered again or taken from cache).

    I suppose that if you set optimization target to 7 day retention. It would damage results if you would be answering tutorial question each time through those 7 days. So I suppose that it may be just answered once and than taken from cache. So user stays in same group for those 7 days.

    But what will happen after 7 days to user. He will be forever stuck in this maybe ineffective answer? As it will be possible to evaluate after ML will be trained better.

    Or it may be possible to reevaluate answer after fulfilling that 7 days interval? Is this somehow supported in GameTune. Or it's up to us to handle this.

    Best regards
  2. kosmikko


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 30, 2018
    Getting the same answer depeneds on the answer type. If question asked again the ML may give a different answer as user's situation (data) may be different on the other time.

    For tutorial question it sounds like it should be only asked once per user. There's no built-in functionality to invalidate/change the answer after 7 days, so it'd be up for you to handle.
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