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Question(s) about Data Collection.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joelfrom08, Jun 12, 2021.

  1. joelfrom08


    Mar 23, 2021
    My game is close to being finished and now I have some questions about data collection.

    Which Data do Unity games collect automatically?

    Can I turn every piece of data collection off?

    Where can I turn data collection off?

    Do I still have to write a Privacy Policy?

    What would/do I have to for a Privacy Policy?

    These are my current questions. I don't really want to write a Privacy Policy but I also don't want to get sued.
    I am pretty scared witht legal stuff and can't find answers online. Thanks in advance, and I will do my best to answer any questions I have to answer for more context
  2. AcidArrow


    May 20, 2010

    Read the part about "I play a game that was built with or uses certain Unity software, what should I know?".
    Maybe, depending on Unity version and if you have Plus and Pro (although things may have changed on this front? not sure)
    Uninstall Analytics package / turn off analytics (if you can), turn off hardware statistics (if you can), don't use performance reporting, perform a ceremonial dance around a bonfire under a full moon.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2021
  3. joelfrom08


    Mar 23, 2021
    Thank you, I'll read that immediately.

    I'm using the free version of unity 2021.1.10f1

    Thanks, I will look for that and turn it off.

    Is the Text in the "I play a game that was built with or uses certain Unity software, what should I know?" enough to copy and paste into my game or do I still have to write a privacy policy using that text?
  4. Lurking-Ninja


    Jan 20, 2015
    We can't possibly answer that since we do not know what's in your game. And I strongly advise against copying other people's work.
    You should gather the information you're touching in your game through the engine, yourself, any plugins you're using and write your own privacy policy. Preferably with a lawyer.