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Question Question about music rights

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AngelCintadoSoundtrack, Sep 15, 2023.

  1. AngelCintadoSoundtrack


    Jul 11, 2022
    Hello there!

    Im working on my first music asset and I have few questions about licensing and rights.

    If I sell my music for example in the Unity store, and also I post my music on YT, will the people that buy my music be able to post for example gameplays of their game with my music?

    or will they have problems with the content ID?

    Will YT ask me if I want to strike their videos and then ill have the control of reject that strike?

    should I post the YT music without the content ID? which is dangerous cause people could use it as if it were theirs

    Do you have experience with this situations? let me know!

    Thanks in advance!
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