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Question Query for created lobbies does not find any lobbys

Discussion in 'Lobby' started by bCatLive, Nov 25, 2022.

  1. bCatLive


    Oct 24, 2022

    I´m new to Unity Multiplayer section and trying to create a simple multiplayer game while using Unity Lobby. I´ve managed to create a lobby and join it with another instance of my application using the provided join code. Now when I try to query for existing lobbys to show them to the user as options no matter what I try to do the query yields 0 results. Is there anything I might be missing ?

    Here is how I create my lobby:
    Code (CSharp):
    1.     public static async Task CreateLobby(LobbyConfig config)
    2.     {
    3.         transport = Object.FindObjectOfType<UnityTransport>();
    4.         var alloc = await RelayService.Instance.CreateAllocationAsync(config.maxPlayerAmount);
    5.         var joinCode = await RelayService.Instance.GetJoinCodeAsync(alloc.AllocationId);
    7.         var lobbyOptions = new CreateLobbyOptions
    8.         {
    9.             Data = new Dictionary<string, DataObject>
    10.             {
    11.                 { Constants.JoinCode, new DataObject(DataObject.VisibilityOptions.Member,joinCode)},
    12.                 { Constants.LobbyName, new DataObject(DataObject.VisibilityOptions.Public,config.lobbyName)}
    13.             }
    14.         };
    16.         lobbyOptions.IsPrivate = false;
    17.         currentLobby = await Lobbies.Instance.CreateLobbyAsync(config.lobbyName,config.maxPlayerAmount,lobbyOptions);
    19.         transport.SetHostRelayData(alloc.RelayServer.IpV4, (ushort)alloc.RelayServer.Port,alloc.AllocationIdBytes,alloc.Key,alloc.ConnectionData);
    20.         Debug.Log("Lobbyname: " + currentLobby.Name);
    21.         Debug.Log("LobbyCode: " + currentLobby.LobbyCode);
    22.         Debug.Log("Private: "+ currentLobby.IsPrivate);
    23.         Debug.Log("Slots: " + (currentLobby.MaxPlayers - currentLobby.AvailableSlots)+"/" + currentLobby.MaxPlayers);
    24.         PingCurrentLobby(); //Heartbeat
    25.         RefreshLobby();
    26.     }
    and here how I try to find it:
    Code (CSharp):
    1.     public static async Task<List<Lobby>> SearchLobbies()
    2.     {
    3.         var foundLobbies = await Lobbies.Instance.QueryLobbiesAsync();
    4.         Debug.Log("LobbyCount: " + foundLobbies.Results.Count);
    6.         return foundLobbies.Results;
    7.     }
    Thanks in advance!
  2. RobustKnittedTortoise


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 10, 2018
    Just want to clarify your heartbeat code and how that affects queries.
    I see you have a method
    PingCurrentLobby(); //Heartbeat

    Does that continually heartbeat the lobby or just do it once?

    The lobby must receive a heartbeat at least every 30 seconds or it will not show up in queries/quick joins.
    The query code to find it should be fine, off the top of my head, the only reasons the search code could fail are:
    • the lobby became stale (no host heartbeat in 30 seconds)
    • The other client/editor is not configured to look at the exact same project Ids?
    • Something running after
      CreateLobby(LobbyConfig config)
      executs is deleting the lobby.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2022
  3. bCatLive


    Oct 24, 2022
    Thanks for the answer, I revisited my heartbeat-function and yes there was an error which caused it to not repeat the heartbeat. Now I can find my lobbys.

    Thanks for the help