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Feature Request QOL Suggestions

Discussion in 'UGUI & TextMesh Pro' started by Noisecrime, Sep 2, 2022.

  1. Noisecrime


    Apr 7, 2010

    I've been investigating the new pre-releases of TMPro simultaneously with experimenting with developing an efficient process to import and compare different Google Material Symbol fonts. During this process I hit a number of annoyances where TMPro Font Asset creation is slowing down progress.

    At a guess i'd imagine some of these could be resolved with writing some editor scripts, but I feel the suggestions here might have a wider appeal to other users so it might be nice to have them supported natively.

    Font Asset Creator - Presets / Default Settings
    I can't seem to find any 'default' settings for the Font Asset Creator - having to create a large number of TMPro font assets from font files is quite painful, especially where I want to create an asset that uses text asset to define the character range.

    While you can select multiple fonts and create TMPro Font Assets, you cannot multi-edit them and thus still have to go in by hand and set up all the options.

    It would be useful to have either Unity Presets supported here or something that uses a similar process. In other words I can have a number of scriptableObjects assets that define Font Asset Creator settings and can set which scriptableObject asset the creator is to default to.

    Font Asset Creator - Packing 'Fixed Grid' Option
    I'm not completely sure this would work, but the idea is to generate a font atlas with consistent layouts between fonts using the same character set, to allow for visual inspection and comparison ( say in Photoshop ) between generated atlases.

    For example it would allow simple A/B testing of the differences between different Font Asset Creator settings ( e.g. Render Mode, and ideally between different weight versions of the same font family.

    Currently because packing aims to optimise space, no two font assets have the same layout so its difficult to compare the actual atlas textures.

    Typical when I started this post I'm sure I had a third suggestion, but now I get to it, i've completely forgotten what it was. I'll edit the post if it comes back to me.