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Resolved Push Notifications Last xyz Days Reporting

Discussion in 'Player Engagement' started by MiTschMR, May 23, 2023.

  1. MiTschMR


    Aug 28, 2018
    Currently, there is only reporting for xyz days after the start day of the notification. This means that after 30 days you won’t get any more new reports because this is as much as you can go to the current date.

    i would like to have a last xyz days reports functionality so we can see the last xyz days of how the notifications went. This is (to me at least) especially helpful for notifications that are sent on a regular short basis.
  2. Laurie-Unity


    Unity Technologies

    Mar 5, 2020
    Hi @MiTschMR,

    You are correct, the built-in reporting within each indivdual Push Notification campaign provides a limited number of metrics that can be tracked across a range of durations, up to 30 days since send date. This is intentionally quite simple to prevent the built-in reporting from being overwhelming.

    However, the Analytics system lets you go further back, or dig much deeper into other aspects of player behaviour relating notifications. You can undertake custom analyis and buid your own reports.

    The key Analytics event to look out for is the
    event. There will be one of them for each player that a notification is sent to, it will contain details of the notification campaign as well as the delivery time and state.

    So, if you want to try building a daily report on Send numbers for each notification campaign, you could build something in Data Explorer by replicating these values and setting the date range appropriately.


    If you want to go deeper, you can use the SQL Data Explorer tool to build custom analyis and reports
    e.g. This query returns the daily user count for each campaign over the last 90 days.

    Code (CSharp):
    1. select EVENT_DATE
    2. , EVENT_JSON:campaignName::STRING
    3. , count(DISTINCT USER_ID)
    4. from events
    5. where event_name = 'outOfGameSend'
    6. and EVENT_JSON:communicationState::STRING = 'SENT'
    7. and EVENT_DATE > CURRENT_DATE - 90
    8. group by EVENT_DATE
    9. , EVENT_JSON:campaignName::STRING
    10. order by EVENT_DATE
    Take a look at the Event Manager tool for more details on the parameters in the
    event and the SQL Cookbook will give you some pointers on some of the things you can do with the SQL Data Explorer tool.
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  3. MiTschMR


    Aug 28, 2018
    That's very helpful, thanks a lot! But this would then mean that the reporting tab in the push notifications section is only good to use in the first 30 days, then it is basically useless...