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Psd Importer and Shader graph integration

Discussion in '2D' started by simonkotze45, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. simonkotze45


    Jun 15, 2019

    Hello! I was hoping someone might be able to help me with this issue?
    (I am still very new to working in unity, so please dumb down all the terms like speaking to a baby!)

    I am using the new PSD importer package in Unity to bring my assets in from Photoshop.

    My main idea is to create a workflow that is as seamless as possible between Ps and Unity for creating assets. I want my team to be able to design and implement feedback in photoshop and then we can animate and add shaders to all the assets individually using shader graph.

    Importing assets is fine when using the PSD importer, but as soon as I wat to add shaders I run into a few issues.

    1. I cant find the 2D shaders ( I assume its an update?)

    2. The textures are combined in a sprite sheet and I am not sure how to set them up correctly in order to use the shader graph. Which gives me the example I posted at the start.

    Please let me know what I am missing, like I said I am new to unity so there might be a few things to troubleshoot? Thank you so much!
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  2. tonytopper


    Jun 25, 2018
    I am in a similar boat. Unfortunately, the images you posted are broken.

    Unless I'm mistaken, the regular old 2D shaders aren't in Shader Graph format, so you have to create your own. It isn't too hard but I do wish Shader Graph had more basic examples, like a simple lit sprite shader.

    You need to have an input Texture2D, whose reference is called _MainTex. Then a Sample Texture 2D node that maps into your Fragment. That's a super simple example.

    (This also makes me wish that the PSD Importer allowed you to set the material that the sprites will use.)