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Providing SFU for Unity RenderStreaming

Discussion in 'Unity Render Streaming' started by tafkams, Jul 29, 2022.


Would you be interested in using the Janus SFU/RenderStreaming plugin or help maintaining it?

  1. I'd use the plugin

  2. I'd help further developing it

  3. Not interested

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. tafkams


    Oct 5, 2021
    Hello all,

    for a research project, we developed an integration of Unity's RenderStreaming into the popular Janus WebRTC server (specifically into the videoroom plugin, which is Janus' SFU). This makes it possible to stream video, audio, and data to a large number of clients without the need to alter RenderStreaming or WebRTC source code at all.

    As the demand in the Unity community for something like this seems pretty large and everyone seems to build their own implementation, we are currently thinking of making out code open source and provide it to the community.

    However, from experience, we know that the effort of providing and maintaining the code is pretty high and can get into the way of day to day business, so I thought, I'd ask here first, how large the need for such an implementation and willingness to participate is? :)

    Would be great to get some feedback!