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Games Prototype RPG Dungeon ‘n Magic

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by danielzharikov, Nov 22, 2022.

  1. danielzharikov


    Jul 21, 2020
    Dungeon 'n Magic (android only)

    Hi guys.

    We are glad to present you a prototype of the future RPG game ”Dungeon ‘n Magic". The game is being created specifically for mobile devices. We try to make the game both simple and interesting.

    Download from

    Key features at the time of the prototype:
    • The game is designed for the vertical location of the phone (which in our opinion is the most convenient position to hold the phone)[/li]
    • The system of fights has been rethought. Since the phone is held vertically, it is inconvenient to play with two hands, and it is not necessary. The “Beat” button has been removed, the hero himself begins to beat opponents when approaching the target within the strike radius.
    • Interesting mechanics of abilities.
    • The duration of each level is approximately 3 minutes (at this time only one level is ready)

    What is planned in the future:
    1. Character improvement, talent and ability trees.
    2. Various items of equipment of the hero.
    3. Many types of weapons.
    4. Various types of active items.
    5. Reward system after completing each level (the items from above).
    6. A large number of levels.

    We are a small team of students, this is our first project. We want to get feedback from you. You can leave feedback in any way convenient to you:
    We are glad to receive every review. Thank you for your time!

    Here are examples of gameplay:
    Youtube gameplay you may see "here"