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Project doesn't appear in Unity

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by wbumgardner, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. wbumgardner


    Jan 4, 2021
    I apologize if this has been asked before.

    I recently had my students add me to their Unity accounts in order to utilize Unity Collaborate to turn work in. I had them do a real basic assignment and then share the assignment with me through Collaborate. I was able to see the assignments populate in my Unity Hub. When I selected one to open, nothing came through. I checked a couple of students and it was the same with all of them.

    What might cause this? What are some things that I need to look for in order to make sure I can see their projects on my computer?
  2. ValeryNikulina


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 26, 2020

    Have your students committed their changes to Collaborate? If they did and Collaborate should have their changes saved on the server, then for further investigation we'd need you to submit a ticket. This way we'd be able to check the project themselves.