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"Project Conquest" - An online Survival Action RPG

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by Rico21745, May 15, 2012.

  1. Rico21745


    Apr 25, 2012
    • 1 Software Developer (One other recently started working on networking framework)
    • 2 Environmental Artists

    Hey folks,

    So we're finally ready to go public with our project, after about a month's worth of work, we have finally have enough done for me to be comfortable to show people a glimpse of our project

    In short, "Project Conquest" is our working title. The main concept of the game is to create a small scale online RPG/Third Person Shooter hybrid with world shaping elements and a persistent world. The plot in a nutshell: A large apocalyptic event has taken place and as a result most of humanity has been wiped out. The rest is heavily shaken, suffering from severe mutations, and has reverted to a "survival of the fittest" point of view. Let me clarify this: This is NOT an MMO, the maximum number of players we are targeting is 32, and even that is subject to further reduction based on testing the systems after they're online.

    As a result, gameplay will involve trying to survive in this harsh new world, all the while trying to rebuild your own piece of society with other players. Our aim is to have a persistent online world where players work together to survive, or exploit other's weaknesses in order to advance yourself.

    Influences: STALKER, Max Payne, EVE Online, Book of Eli, Silent Hill, The Walking Dead

    Short term goals:

    • Engaging TPS combat. This includes both melee weapons, ranged weapons, and special abilities
    • PvPvAIvEnvironment gameplay
    • Fight anyone, or help them. Your choice.
    • Classless Character System: Characters are dynamic and will be molded by players as they progress through the game.

    Mid term goals
    • Fort building
    • Destructible buildings

    Long term goals:

    • Hirable NPCs
    • Craftable gear
    • Living NPC Ecosystem (very long term)

    The way we are developing the game is through a staged approach. We have different alpha milestones we are aiming to reach, each of which would theoretically be their own game set in the same universe. This allows us to stay motivated as we complete milestones and see actual, real, progress at every step of the way.

    Keep in mind, some of the art is placeholder, for development purposes!

    Screenshots/Concept Art

    About me (The project leader)

    I work as a professional Software Developer, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and a focus in Software Engineering. I know several different programming languages, database programming, web programming, and game programming. I have developed mods since I was young, starting with Quake.

    I have also successfully released a Total Conversion for Max Payne 2 titled "Hall of Mirrors", a game based on the movie Equilibrium. It was a two year long project. The mod was heavily recognized in the community, and has been featured in many major gaming publications such as PCGamer, who interviewed me, and other PC gaming magazines. To this day the mod has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times (at least that I know of, it has also been distributed by other people, since its free).

    I have created all of the current game systems from scratch, only using a few Unity classes (like headlookcontroller) to avoid reinventing the wheel when its not necessary. Even those have been heavily customized, though.

    Below, you may find the Hall of Mirrors website, to see examples of my previous work

    Hall of Mirrors Mod website (this site is very old by the way, don't judge! It was put together in a few spare minutes when I was in college)
  2. virror


    Feb 3, 2012
    Sounds interesting!
    But, a persistent world with max 32 players?
    Maybe 10-15 of them are online at the same time, maybe even like 5 ppl, might be complicated to keep the players entertained.
    One thing might be to focus on single player content and have the multiplayer content more as a extra interesting feature?
  3. Rico21745


    Apr 25, 2012
    The world will be populated with AI as well. A large part of the gameplay is meant to be player vs AI, with human interaction being a potential danger to the player, due to not knowing whether they will be friend or foe.

    Consider minecraft, for example. The max players for that is also small, and it also features a persistent world, but is it boring?