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Profiler Overview page contains misleading information

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by Peter77, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Peter77


    Jun 12, 2013
    2,635 says:
    Profiling the game running in the editor is very inaccurate, as the editor comes with performance overhead. The editor also allocates a ton of garbage memory that is completely gone in a build. For example, GetComponent calls, where that Component is missing, allocates garbage memory in the editor, but it does not in a build.

    Therefore, this Profiler page is very misleading. People should profile a build running on the target device to get accurate results. Profiling the game running in the editor is misleading.

    This issue comes up a a lot in the Unity forums. People profile in the editor and wonder about these things. Then everybody responds with "Please profile a build, not the editor".

    In order to minimize this support overhead in the forums, could you please add something along the lines:
    "For accurate results on performance and memory, profile a build running on the target hardware." in big bold letters to the Profiler Overview page.

    Thank you.
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