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Feedback Procedural Terrain Generation - With Marching Cubes, Voxels, Squares and Smoothing

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by ChristosRymenidis, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. ChristosRymenidis


    Feb 25, 2018

    In this Video, I showcase my Procedural Terrain Generation Methods I made in Unity.
    The First one is Marching Cubes 3D. Given a 3D Perlin Noise it displays the Mesh. It can also generate Voxels, MineCraft like Voxels.
    The Second one is Marching Cubes 2D. Given a Height Map, witch I take from a 2D Perlin Noise, it shows the Terrain. This time however its Heights only, so no holes, caves and stuff. The Third one is my Marching Squares. You can draw 2D Meshed with it. Every Voxel has a Health value. The move HP the Voxel has the more "Complete" it is. It pushes its Vertices farther away from it, making it bigger. The less HP it has the smaller it becomes.
    Lastly I showcase an Method I made for Smoothing Vertices around one Vertex. The Vertex is the Peak of the Mountain and then the rest are Smoothing out, based on how far away they are. I used Unity's Animation Curves to change the Curve of Mountain generating from Perlin Noise or to change how the Vertices will be Smoothed. Different Animation Curves will give different looks.
    Note that all the Voxels inside the Mesh are not Rendered. Marching Cubes algorithms, only render the surface.
    At the Future, I want to implement Manifold Dual Contouring and/or Dual Marching Cubes with Hermite Data or something, for greater Detail.

    I will focus on Marching Squares, for now. Then start building a game on 2D, drop down RPG. Because, it is so much more easier and good practice for 3D.

    Any Suggestions?