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Question Procedural Mesh Gen

Discussion in '2023.1 Beta' started by equal, Jan 27, 2023.

  1. equal


    Dec 14, 2012

    I have some questions about Mesh Generation with the new Advanced Api:

    - If i want to have an "inspector clickable Mesh" in the MeshFilter of a GameObject, i must eventually come back from a "Job" or "Compute Shader" to Managed Code and assign it there, is this true ?
    - If above is true, that would mean that (besides calling Graphics.DrawMesh methods) i will always have to deal with Data coming back from GPU to CPU?

    To put it in other words, i can not have a Mesh being fully build AND assigned on a "Job" or "Compute shader" ?
    For example i could image giving the "Job"/"CompShader" a mesh ref. And when its done i just assign the same reference to the Meshfilter.