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Question ProBuilder features unclear...

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Simplisticated_Development, Oct 3, 2023.

  1. Simplisticated_Development


    Jun 26, 2023
    Hello everyone-

    So I have been using Unity and ProBuilder recently. As you probably know, there is a "Merge objects" feature in Probuilder. This feature is great as a whole, but has one bump in its experience that makes it a painful tool to use.

    my issue:
    One of the objects I want to merge has a bunch of components that I have saved and specially filled out. When I merge said object with, say, a cube that is connected to my first object, Unity will set merge them but set the cube as the "parent". How do you can I make it so there's a 100% chance that I get my original object & its components instead of the cube?

    I tried looking it up online, but maybe I was using the wrong keywords, because nothing useful showed up.

    Thanks in advance!