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Problems Animating Rotations Through the Animation Window. Help?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by FGPArthurVII, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. FGPArthurVII


    Jan 5, 2015
    I am making a 2D platform game. For this game I am using a Technique called 2D Sprite Dynamic Lighting in which we want to make the 2D objects receive light as if they had depth. For that to happen it is needed for the character to be assembled inside Unity (arms, legs, forearms, legs, etc).

    As the 2D Tilemap system still does not provide me tools for bodyparts variations (closed hand, open hand, fine, bruised, hurt, broken visor, different head turns, etc) I had to do It manually by assembling and parenting the bodyparts and then animating them by rotating the bodyparts through the Animator.

    But It was when Animating the trouble started. When I hit the keyframe record button on the animator and tryed to rotate his leg (say, 25 degrees, for example) suddenly the editor thrown it to a rotation number(the place it was actually was actually similar to the one I placed it but not the exact same, Other trials It wasn't so close though) on the transform to a crazy high rotation (4000 + degrees), making the leg spin lots of times in the Animation before reaching the position desired (Even though I rotated It only 25 degrees, the Editor threw in thousands more to it).

    Even if It wasn't enough, When I tryed to move the lower leg, suddenly the leg (no not the lower leg, the leg itself I was moving before that) was rotated to another crazy position (Also the same problem stated before when trying to rotate the upper leg happened now to the lower leg). Note that it happens to all bodyparts.