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Bug Problem with Interrupted Transition

Discussion in 'Animation' started by ibernd, Mar 21, 2023.

  1. ibernd


    Jun 24, 2019
    I have a problem with my humanoid rig typed character since Unity 2022.2.

    I have transitions in my animator that can be interrupted by Interruption source="Next State".

    This works since 2022.2 but only as long as you don't add any more layers.

    To double check I opened the "Starter Assets - Third Person Character Controller" with 2022.2 in a new project.

    To reproduce the bug i added a state to the animator that plays the run animation.
    The transitions are both Interruption source = "Next State".
    Additionally I added an empty layer (which triggers the problem)

    Now you can see that the char sometimes flickers or gets under the ground.

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2023