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[PRICE REDUCED] Proxima Inspector: Remotely inspect and edit gameObjects!

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by virtualmaker, Mar 9, 2023.

  1. virtualmaker


    Oct 22, 2016
    Proxima lets you connect to your live game from a web browser to inspect and edit any property.

    Once you create a build with Unity, you lose access to editor tools like the Inspector. This limitation makes it hard to monitor for problems and diagnose issues while playtesting your game, running studies, or giving demos. I've especially experienced this frustration in mobile and VR builds.

    To tackle this problem, I've been building Proxima Inspector. Your game hosts an HTTP server that you can connect to from any browser on your local network. Each webpage corresponds to a different editor feature that I wish I had access to from a built game.

    Website | Store | Documentation | Demo | Discord

    ========= FEATURES ============

    View and edit every game object and property in your scene, similar to the editor.

    View live logs and download them for later viewing.

    Console: Easily write custom commands into your game that can be invoked from the console page.

    Thanks! I'd appreciate any feedback about how you might use Proxima and suggestions on new features to add.

    For questions and support, join the Discord:
  2. virtualmaker


    Oct 22, 2016
    • WebGL Support: You can now open Proxima Inspector from a WebGL build! From the Proxima Connect UI, click "Open in Browser" to open Proxima in a new tab. This implementation uses a BroadcastChannel in the browser to communicate with your app, so Proxima must be running in the same browser as the Unity app.
    • Serializable Structs and Classes: You can now view any struct or class marked as [Serializable] in the Proxima Inspector! Nested objects and arrays of objects are fully supported.
    • ProximaButton Attribute: Add the [ProximaButton("Button Name")] attribute to MonoBehaviour methods to add a buttons in the Proxima inspector. Instructions at
    • Deep Links: New query parameters can be appended to the Proxima URL:
      • 'pass' - Automatically connect with the provided password.
      • 'page' - Navigate to page 'inspector', 'logs', or 'console' after connecting.
      • 'go' - Select a gameObject by name after connecting.
      • 's' - Set the search filter on the inspector page.
      • 'collapsed' - Collapse the navigation menu.
      • 'run' - Immediately run console command.
      • For examples, see:
    • Show Hidden Checkbox: By default, Proxima respects hideFlags for GameObjects and Components. There is a new checkbox on the inspector page to show these hidden objects.
    • Start Screen: Added a new start screen where you can view the latest changes, access documentation, and provide feedback.

    Release Notes: