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Precomputed Culling - Gain FPS by Occluding what's invisible

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Prographers, Sep 18, 2023.

  1. Prographers


    Dec 3, 2020
    Pixel perfect occlusion system that will significantly improve the performance of your scenes, without almost any overhead.

    Using time on your computer, precompute/bake your scenes to gain a significant performance boost. The occlusion culling algorithm will find all visible meshes from each point on your scene, using the color-coding algorithm. Then it will save them efficiently and load only when needed.

    Heavily occluded scenes like a two-story house with the interior on all floors gained us up to 240% in frame rate! From 30fps to 72fps on Quest 2. Open world scenes with flat chunked terrain, gained us 10-25%. From 47fps to 60fps on low-end mobile.

    In the video, we will discuss what is Occlusion Culling. How it works. How does it compare to the built-in Unity solution. Basic usage of Precomputed culling, and at the end Performance Comparison!

    Documentation and API reference:
    Project page:
    Documentation repository:
    Asset Store:

    • Support for URP and HDRP
    • Support for multiple cameras
    • Support for multiple scenes with multiple variants and dynamic loading and unloading
    • Lightweight with an option for additional compression
    • Supports transparency
    • Supports LODs
    • Supports Unity Terrain
    • Supports 2D Sprites*
    • Runtime precision control between quality and performance
    • Support for all platforms including mobile, VR, AR, and WebGL
    • API for custom building pipelines
    • Everything is written in C#, full source code included
    • Code documentation + external documentation with tutorials
    • Easy to setup
    • Examples and Demos
    • Moving Occlusion Area with objects
    • Support via email or discord
    • Superior performance
    *Not recommended to use in 2D games, intended use is for example leaves on 3D trees or far away rocks.

    • Required to bake scenes and their variants before build.