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Pop when transitioning between control clips containing activation tracks

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by kenney003, May 31, 2018.

  1. kenney003


    Oct 19, 2017
    I have a "master" timeline that contains a control track with 2 clips back-to-back. Those control clips each have a timeline with an activation track.

    When the master timeline transitions from one control clip into the other, the object being controlled by the activation track "pops off" for a frame.

    It seems as though "OnGraphStop" of the previous control clip is called AFTER "OnGraphStart" of the new control clip, so the object being controlled by the activation tracks gets enabled by the current clip, and then disabled by the clip we just finished, in that order. This is despite the fact that both the previous frame's "process frame" and the current frames "process frame" should tell the object to be active.

    Use Case:
    I have a dozen or so prefabs in the hierarchy, all disabled by default. I have a master timeline, with a string of control clips for each scene in my cinematic. Each subtimeline has activation tracks that turn on only the objects they need. If two consecutive clips share the same object, that object will "pop" for a frame.

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