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Pop it Fidget [Online Multiplayer] , premium Unity template

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by FinalbossGame, May 9, 2024.

  1. FinalbossGame


    Feb 2, 2015
    Create your own pop it fidget game in Unity in no time!

    Demos [Offline version]: Android | WebGL | Asset Store

    Demos [Multiplayer Online version]: Android | WebGL | PWA | Asset Store

    More info:


    In this pop it fidget game, players take turns pressing down any number of bubbles in a single row and consecutively. The player who presses the last bubble loses the game.

    Pop IT can be played in two modes:
    1. Single Player against a nerd AI bot.
    2. Two Players.
    3. * Online multiplayer (more details here) - needs separate licensing.
    In single player mode, player 1 needs to play against an AI that is able to play this game like a human. It is challenging and can offer a fun experience for your players. In two player modes, game needs to be played by two local players that have their own turns and need to beat the other player with the logic they pursuit.

    In online multiplayer mode, two players can join on in a game and play against each other in realtime. Each room allows a maximum of two players to join and once both players are in, the match automatically begins. Players are able to see their opponent's moves in realtime. The player who presses the last bubble, or leave the game early loses the game.

    PopIt-3d-fidget-unity-source-code-02.jpg PopIt-3d-fidget-unity-source-code-05.jpg PopIt-3d-fidget-unity-source-code-06.jpg

    This game comes with fully commented C# classes and clean codes. You can easily change the way the game looks by changing the arts & sprites or modify the asset at your ease to extend its functionality and features. A detailed manual is included with the game that help you with a step by step guide to setup and add new boards.

    - Complete game flow with menu, help, setting, game & result scenes.
    - Compatible with Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows and Mac
    - Clean and commented C# code
    - Detailed & smart AI player
    - Easy to re-skin
    - Step by step guide to add new boards
    - Comes with 3 board presets
    - Mobile friendly and responsive UI

    Technical details:
    Online multiplayer is powered by Photon Fusion v2. You need to download and install the free "Photon Fusion" package in order to fully utilize this asset. A comprehensive setup guide is included with the asset that helps you install the Fusion SDK step by step.
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