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3D Polyart-Modular Fantasy Orcs

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by polysoft3D, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. polysoft3D


    Aug 3, 2015
    About Modular Fantasy Orc.

    You can create fantasy Orcs in polygonal style.
    Special Tool "OrcBuilder" for easily customizing your Orc characters
    Modular body parts : head, boots, glows, belt, torso, pants, shoulders and more...
    Customize the face : hair, beard, eyes, fangs, piercings and scars.
    You can create asymmetric characters if you want.
    Hair, beard and belt attached objects with physics or batched (animated with body). Disable/enable in "OrcBuilder" tool.
    Shader with color controls created for Modular Orcs. Total 14 customizable colors per character.

    Classic flat shading, flat metallic and toon version

    One material per character! You can combine all Modular parts in to one SkinnedMesh with "OrcBuilder" tool.
    One material > one Mesh > one pass call per character.

    Physics compatible with "jiggle bone". Model compatible with mecanim, animations from mixamo and other animations from AssetStore.

    This asset is under development. 200+modular parts at release and more with updates.
    Update with female version soon.

    On Unity AssetStore now. 50% off
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