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Plugins that support windows 8 touch screen input reading

Discussion in 'Windows' started by kleinfb, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. kleinfb


    Sep 21, 2012
    Hello everyone.

    I am creating this topic in order to discuss what I have been seeing from plugins that support touch screen input reading on Windows 8.
    Any feedback on the plugins is welcome.

    TouchScript: For free. Good asset store ratings. Have not tried yet. Anyone familiar with this one?

    Windows 8 Multi-touch (UniTouch): 40 bucks. Not good ratings. Anyone familiar?

    MTouch4Win ( Multitouch plugin for Windows 7 Window...: US$40,00. One rating only. Not too good. Anyone?

    W7Multitouch (with NGUI integration): US$50,00. Some negative comments and windows 8 limitations implied. Is has a downloadable demo. I have tried it. The demo works, but I have to say it is not perfect. Anyone?

    Gestureworks Core Standard for Unity: US$200,00. Yes, this one stands out because of the price. Not enough ratings though (I wonder why... hehe). Has anyone ever used this one?

    Easy Touch: US$30,00. Sample scenes worked awfully on the actual device. No way to get a good user experience, at least not out of the box. It is a shame, because for mobile it works like a charm. I have heard of people using that, but I really could not make it.

    Please, if I missed any plugins which allegedly support windows 8 touch screen input reading, list it here. Let us discuss it. I will try out the free one shortly, and I will come back with my impressions on it.
  2. OP3NGL


    Dec 10, 2013
    TouchScript: awfully little documentations... very steep understanding... support not that great, they will reply back like a week or 2.. must build in order to work. Last update is june 2013.

    Windows 8 Multi-touch (UniTouch): works great, as prefab is drag n drop into scene.. must build as an application in order for it to work. only can compile as x86 app, must have visual studio 2013/2014 to work. support is the worse.. no replies whatsoever.. last update is march 2013...
    documentation sucks

    hope that helps
  3. greggtwep16


    Aug 17, 2012
    My experience with Easy Touch was different but because windows 8 is a diverse platform the device you are using would be helpful to know and what build type (windows standalone or windows store) you are testing. I have the following

    Microsoft Surface RT (ARM windows 8.1 RT OS)
    Dell Venue pro 8 (x86 Windows 8.1)

    My experiences differ drastically for both my own projects and for items in the store (Halo Spartan Assaullt is unplayable on the dell (touchscreen offset and resolution awful and they are a AAA studio). In general though for windows store builds on both devices easy touch worked ok for me. It also has worked ok for IOS and android but I can't comment on the example scenes I use a custom project of mine.
  4. PuneetK


    Sep 2, 2013
    I have use FingerGestures plugin. It works for ALL platforms, and the Dev replies a lot. Has his own forums and most of the answers are already present.
  5. MythicalCity


    Feb 10, 2011
    Hi, did you have to do anything special to get EasyTouch to work on windows? I am using it and it works perfectly on mobile but on a standalone windows desktop build it doesn't pick up regular tap gestures (simpleTap), but dragging, swiping and double tap work just fine.

    I tried FingerGestures but it's a mess, and the dev support is lacking with weeks between replies. The multitouch gestures on mobile with fingergestures were hit and miss, and I got a lot of complaints from users about that. When I replaced it with EasyTouch those gestures worked nice and smooth. But on the other hand FingerGestures didn't have this windows problem of not picking up regular taps either..
  6. valyard


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 4, 2010