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Feedback Please update on some Documentation

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by NizarSama, May 19, 2020.

  1. NizarSama


    Apr 20, 2015
    I recently have trouble with "Controlling my animation" which i want to do is using float to control the animation time, and i found nothing except legacy stuffs.
    But i noticed on the animation state there is "Motion Time" row that have parameters beside it so i decide to look the Documentation Manual and there is none such "Motion Time" and the picture of animation state it show is pretty old despite the Documentation Ver is 2019.3.
    Then i tried to use it and it solve my problem.
    My point is that an old Documentation like this can pretty much make Developers that using it lost and suffer just to found about simple stuff that not getting mentioned anywhere.

    So please update the Documentation fairly please...

    In case someone looking for like me here simple explanation about "Motion Time"
    Motion Time takes parameter from animator and use it as "normalizedTime" of animation state which give you result that the parameter will control your animation. (min number is 0 max is 1 for the parameter time)
    to use it you just need to click on your animation state and check the parameter box on "Motion Time" row.

    #edit the min max number is not 0-1, there no min max, the number just represent your animation timeline that you can scroll which ever you want
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  2. SonicBloomEric


    Sep 11, 2014
    For those who come across this looking for information on how "Motion Time" works, two things:
    1. This Issue explains where the "Motion Time" came from.
    2. The "Motion Time" field can be used to control the position (time) of the state's AnimationClip (in the "Motion" field). This does not control the overall playback time for the state. You can set the "Motion Time" to a single value and never touch it again. In that case, the animation will be "frozen" for a length of time equal to the length of the AnimationClip. You can control the duration of playback by adjusting the "Multiplier" parameter under the "Speed" field.
    To be clear, Motion Time is a way to force the animation playhead to a position. It does not affect overall playback duration. That appears to be controlled by the AnimationClip specified in the Motion field. You can adjust the duration, but you need to do so by setting the "Speed Multiplier".