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Please make "Packages" and "UnityPackageManager" subfolders of "ProjectSettings".

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by Hotdug, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Hotdug


    Jul 3, 2014
    Throughout the ages we have been told by a million tutorials online that all we need to care about when using version control or when creating a backup are these two folders:

    "Assets" and "ProjectSettings"

    Very simple, as long as you have those two folders everything can be recreated and your project is safe. All other files and folders can be deleted. At least that is what people think.

    Recently two folders called "Packages" and "UnityPackageManager" have been created. Why aren't they just subfolders of "ProjectSettings"? That way you don't break hundreds of helpful online posts and tutorials. These aren't going away and there's no reason to make them all lie when all you (Unity) have to do is to move all that stuff inside the "ProjectSettings"-folder.

    Meanwhile as it is right now the important new information about these two new and mysterious folders are hidden away on this page:

    Not at all guaranteed to be the first thing that someone finds when searching for which folders that are important. To make it even worse you find stuff like this:

    An Unity employee is saying that the documentation is wrong, that it is actually UnityPackageManager that is important and not Packages like the documentation says. The page he links to have indeed been updated to confirm what he's saying but when looking at the most recent version of the docs (linked above) they are back to saying that only these folders are important:

    "Assets", "ProjectSettings" and "Packages".

    So now we are left wondering if A) he was wrong all along, or B) the docs have been reverted by mistake, or C) unity have swapped the purpose of UnityPackageManager and Packages, the folder that used to be important now isn't and vice versa.

    Please make things like they used to be and just move these two folders into ProjectSettings so we are back to only needing to care about "Assets" and "ProjectSettings" again. Also, if Unity wants to add similar important folders in the future please just make them subfolders of ProjectSettings.