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Question PlayerSendFrameStarted, FinishFrameRendering at ~5ms each, scene within performance guidel

Discussion in 'VR' started by JakeS_97, Mar 8, 2023.

  1. JakeS_97


    Jun 13, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    I am optimising several scenes in my VR application at the moment, and having a difficult time tracking exact causes of some performance spiking. My scenes are at a consistent enough 72fps, but spiking to 60fps. The only culprits I can find are in PlayerSendFrameStarted and FinishFrameRendering. However, my scenes are well within the performance guidelines, so I'm uncertain what is causing the wait for the renderer. In a spike I am having ~20 SetPass calls, and ~30 Draw Calls, not exceeding 300k triangles.

    This is on Quest 2 standalone. Any help is much appreciated.


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