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Unity's version control component has been upgraded to Plastic SCM.

Plastic not pushing editor changes

Discussion in 'Unity Collaborate' started by Mars91, Feb 5, 2022.

  1. Mars91


    Mar 6, 2012
    Even if scene is seen as changed looks like plastic is not pushing the last changes and I often need to reasign vars in the editor.

    On a sidenote we love how fast plastic is but we hate how buggy it is and the fact that we've been force to use it.
  2. croquer


    Unity Technologies

    Mar 15, 2021
    Hello @Mars91, I'm sorry you are facing issues, I have some questions as I don't fully understand the case.

    You mentioned Plastic is not pushing editor changes. Does that mean you do a change in the scene but later the scene is not at the Pending changes view?

    If that's right, could it be that maybe the scene is not saved? So changes remains in memory but are not stored physically on disk?
  3. mamanicknic


    Mar 9, 2018
    We are using 2020.3.34f1 for our project and version control package 1.15.18, and 1.15.17 was doing the same thing. Unity editor is using up triple the amount of memory it normally would. We noticed it is not finding changes that have been done. They have been saved, it is a weeks' worth of work and it is continually looking for changes and finding none which we are guessing why the editor is crashing when we press play. We continually have to close unity and start again, any ideas?