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Games Pivot

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by donaldino, Dec 25, 2021.

  1. donaldino


    Dec 16, 2021
    RATED T / 1 PLAYER / 2D / RPG
    My initial game idea is on hold for me to focus on this simpler concept. Pivot will be a Dialogue-Driven, Decision-Based, Top Down 2D, RPG. Players take control of a young man whose parents were murdered before their eyes. Players converse with different characters to learn the whereabouts of the four who killed their parents. The protagonist carries a notepad to keep track of the behaviour, likes, and dislikes of people they encounter. Players should try and remain on the good side of most others, to build trust.

    By the year 2050, despite efforts, global warming nears its peak and climate disasters affect all countries. Billions of lives are lost to nature. Survivors are recruited to construct and reside within a space station just outside of Earth, called the Trillion Star Motel, aka The Disco. Construction of the Trillion Star Motel finishes and because of limited space, out of the remaining two billion people still alive on Earth, only one-hundred million are transported to reside there. The Motel residents learn that the space station is also a safe haven for those who’ve been deemed most responsible for Earth’s destruction, high-ranking politicians, and all those accused are murdered.

    A young boy obsessed with astrology, LUTHER ARGOVER, lives with his two loving parents, NEVE and LIAM, inside the Trillion Star Motel. Luther's mother and father participated in the anti-political uprising and the Argover's are relocated to a portion of the Motel reserved for criminals. The high number of offenders confined together disrupts the tranquil rehab environment. Crime goes unchecked and is common inside the quarantined zone. Those segregated are cut off from all resources, except for bare essentials. At a young age, Luther witnesses the murder of his parents by masked hoodlums and vows revenge. Luther roams the streets and uses his astrological knowhow to gain people's trust and extract what may be vital information in his quest to locate his parents' killers.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2021