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Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by Merchant1307, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Merchant1307


    Jan 29, 2016
    I am able to load in vfx graph into I guess im using built in legacy or standard pipeline. This parts confusing, and doing so and seeing it work made me decide to use no scriptable pipeline and buy some assets that do not work for scriptable pipelines.

    Because I thought this was universal that got moved and named lightweight while hdrp was the new addition however its been three years looking into unity. Theres focus on these two with not much mention of what we were using and that sounds like universal.

    Can I use shadergraph or vfx and it works in my built package because vfx graph appears to be working in the editor.

    I dont want to use hdrp (due to material change) or lwrp really I'd rather use the built in renderer and be able to release the game how people were releasing them without extra stuff that appears to try to make things more complex for releasing a game online while giving off an appearance of being effective and performance as a reasoning, while having some needed additions like vfx graph, I started to learn game design and now its like I have to learn something entirely new just rebuilt the engine from scratch to release a game is how it feels everything you knew is now worthless.

    I want to use legacy shader and be able to use that pbr workflow using just the standard shader (my height maps come out horrible in hdrp I wasnt going to go here but I do have screenshots saved and hdrp has been complete and total garbage for me and I dont want to use it but I want vfx graph --most important feature that the game requires above all assets I just paid for maybe even worth a game in hdrp with the most horrendous looking materials on the pyramids possible due to heightmaps going on a degenerate path evidentally -- and shader graph which is lesser important and then will look into its materials later and see if theres some kind of reasoning to force a full switch which I dont see happening (for things like fish I already know its types like see through a leaf or hand, or color around the outside to sheen onto fish, and transulcence I looked into it quite a bit was going to use it....) and I dont want to change to using different sets of textures when I can create these standard pbrs with a workflow I like and they are somewhat simple to do and effective) to create my game, I dont like using hdrp materials atm and many of the assets I just bought do not support scriptable pipelines.

    So now im looking at amplify shader since I dont know if I can release with shadergraph anymore or even use vfx graph which is in the project and appears to be functional.

    I cant tell if documentation is just outdated or not.

    To be honest with you this engine is kind of a mess right now, a thought stemming from the asset store situation, easy to regret purchases and wont get a refund if you cant use them, as a matter of fact if you need a refund and cant use it for either your project or just for what you wanted as seemingly advertised you might see that person promoted into a unity coder and the asset goes into unity officially still not accomplishing what you paid for.. for kind of being bad/shady business, although the software has its other uses. Then what you wanted is in the asset store (digger vs polysculpt and now a really good free sculpting tool 3d artists should look at its amazing with unity instead of zbrush maneuvering for a less headache workflow I have a rating there youll know if youre on the right one)... its on the asset store yet you arent going to buy it since it dont support hdrp and guess what you see that you can import vfx and it appears to work and unity might be outdated in their documentation however you probably wont be able to use this in your game either even after paying for it.

    You need to focus on spending money on assets to not build your game and spend money in the asset store forever evidentally.
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