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Question Physic Problem

Discussion in 'Physics' started by ArtinZz_, Aug 28, 2023.

  1. ArtinZz_


    Aug 3, 2023
    I am currently working on a 2D Unity Game , I made my player and a script for jumping , and for the script
    I had to add a Rigidbody 2D and a Box Collider 2D, Once I finished these , My player keeps falling off , even the trigger in Box Collider is off.
    I need help fixing this , Thank you.
  2. arkano22


    Sep 20, 2012
    Unless you post your full setup or at least a more detailed explanation than "my character has a rigidbody and a collider but it falls", I don't think anyone will be able to help. We're not psychics! ;);)

    - What's your character supposed to not fall trough? I assume you have some sort of environment with a collider on it too? which kind of collider?

    - What does your jumping script look like?