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Performance really slow

Discussion in 'FPS.Sample Game' started by Mad_Mark, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Mad_Mark


    Oct 30, 2014
    I have gotten my hands on the FPS Sample finally. I performed all the re-importing and ran through the build process, and tried both the start button and the run button to launch the little test level. Not the big one, the tiny one.

    It was so ridiculously laggy that I dropped the resolution down to 1024x768 and set quality down down down, all the way down to its lowest setting. This made it playable with a headless server, but just barely and with only one client.

    My system specs are:
    Intel i5, 16GB ram, 2TB HD with 1.5TB free, Win10, Intel 1GB embedded & Nvidia GeForce GT-740 GPU (1GB). 1GB nic, but its local system anyway, so networking is simulated.
    No other apps are running.

    Can anyone tell me what optimization is required to make this a viable base for building an actual FPS on?
  2. thelebaron


    Jun 2, 2013
    getting a newer better gpu would probably be your best bet