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Official Performance Profiling Dev Blitz Day 2023

Discussion in 'Performance Profiling Dev Blitz Day 2023 - Q&A' started by BenjiM_Unity, Mar 15, 2023.

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  1. BenjiM_Unity


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 8, 2017
    Do you have questions about performance profiling? We've got you covered!

    To help you measure and hone the performance of your project, the topic of our next Dev Blitz Day Q&A is Performance Profiling!

    Join us on March 30, 2023, between 11 am to 7 pm CEST, in the Performance Profiling Dev Blitz Day 2023 - Q&A forum and on Discord to learn more about Profiling directly from the Unity Developers, Designers, and Product Managers behind these tools. Start thinking about what questions you’re dying to get answered regarding the Memory Profiler, CPU Profiler, GPU Profiling, the Frame Debugger, and performance profiling in general!

    The Dev Blitz Day forum and Discord forum channel will open for questions the day before on March 29th. The team will start answering on March 30th.

    After the event period ends, the forum & Discord channel will be locked for new threads but the threads themselves will remain open for discussion.

    Some basic rules:
    • Post your questions by starting new threads in the Performance Profiling Dev Blitz Day 2023 - AMA forum or in the authoring-dev-blitz-day-2023 channel on the Unity Discord.

    • Please remember to comply with the code of conduct: be respectful, both to your fellow forum users and to the Unity staff

    • Don’t bundle multiple unrelated questions in one thread. One question/topic per thread.

    • We may filter out off-topic or duplicate questions

    • Questions asked during the event periods will be answered, but not necessarily right away or during the event periods. Some questions take time or specific people to answer
    What types of questions will we be answering:
    • We will be answering questions on the Memory Profiler, CPU Profiler, about GPU Profilling, and the Frame Debugger

    • Questions don’t have to be technical in nature. You could ask about specific future plans, why something was made a certain way, etc

    • We won’t be able to answer questions like, “Can you help me debug these 1,000,000 lines of code?” Well, we can, but the answer will likely be, “No”

    If you want to read more on Performance Profiling, check out these latest blogs, videos, and our e-book to get you started:
    We're looking forward to your questions!
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  2. UnityJuju


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 15, 2021
  3. TreyK-47


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 22, 2019
    Thanks for all of the great questions today, everyone! If we didn't get an answer to you, don't worry, we'll be getting to all missed questions in the coming days!

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