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Question Particle System changes scale when player steps onto it?

Discussion in 'General Graphics' started by MrKodei, Nov 19, 2023.

  1. MrKodei


    Aug 8, 2021
    Hey Guys,

    i am not very experienced working with Particle Systems, but i found a weird "bug".
    So the problem is:
    When i instantiate a prefab, with multiple Particle Systems (including its children), it seems perfectly fine. But as soon as i step onto it, it changes scale, it seems to shrink.
    This also happens when i stand on top of it, and just move the camera.
    I watched the GO in scene mode, and it doesn't move.
    So i guess it has something to do with the way it is rendered through the camera? (I use URP, if that means anything).

    I'll include a short video of the problem.

    Can anybody take a guess, what might cause this issue?


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