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Part time, remote, paid job to develop a music based mobile game! ✨

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by pinkscooter, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. pinkscooter


    Jan 24, 2016
    Hi all!~

    Looking for a Unity developer to help out with the development of a mobile game I'm working on. I'm also a Unity developer as well but have been working on this project at my spare time outside of my fulltime job, and I would really appreciate some help

    The game is a sequencer based, farm animal music creation game. Kinda like but with farm animals and animal sounds, so it's kinda wacky and funny but a great gateway to be introduced to music and beats making.

    I've done some basic functions, set up some UI & assets to get things tarted. But I need some help to carry it further and add additional functionalities such as: dynamically add/remove instruments, menu page, changing bpm & beat count, add recording function, interact with the animals, and so on. [Please see attached WIP pic and video]

    It'll be part time, remote, project-based contract work.
    The alpha version budget is from 5k to 15k, really depends on how much work there is to be done.
    After that, if we had a wonderful time working together, we can talk about next steps, bigger budget, potential percentage of the sales revenue of this game, other projects, etc.

    Ideal candidate:
    • MUST BE someone who finds this concept interesting and is gonna be passionate to work on a game like this! Not someone with a 'just get it done already' attitude.
    • Must have decent experience with Unity and C#, understand the mobile workflow & optimization practices.
    • No worries if you're a novice with Unity or don't have experience working on shipped titles, as long as you're willing to learn, we're all good

    If you're interested please email me at:
    with a basic introduction of yourself,
    resume, website or description of your experience with unity

    Thanks a lot! Mahalo ^_^

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