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[Paid] Unity Engineer for 2D Tactical RPG

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by techniquea2z, Mar 29, 2022.

  1. techniquea2z


    Jun 3, 2017

    Mystery Babylon is a 2D RPG that blends classic 16-bit aesthetics and a western, medieval narrative. If Suikoden II and Shining Force had a baby that was born in the GoT universe, it'd be this game.

    GitHub (2020.3.6f1)

    Tools We Use

    • Animancer
    • Articy Draft 3 + Articy Importer for Unity
    • ProCamera2D
    • Odin Inspector
    • MasterAAA Audio
    • DecisionFlex
    • Smart Lighting 2D
    • InControl
    • Tiled2TMX Importer
    • Git (please know how to use git terminal commands... not require but, preferred)

    We are looking for a skilled engineer to help us with:
    • A* Pathfinding Optimization or Reimplementation
      • We currently rely heavily on our GridUtility class for pathfinding purposes. The original intent was a lightweight A* implementation.

        But, as the demands and scale of the game changed -- we've began to experience lag when there are a great number of AIUnits and/or a great number of cells in a battle map.

        We've endeavored to debug and optimize using the Profiler -- but the limit of this implementation has been reached (OR we need a fresh set of eyes!).

        We also endeavored to utilize unity's Jobs System to multithread our implementation -- but our logic is so closely wrapped in Monobehavior that it's not feasible (Jobs system is highly reliant on a DOTS architecture).

        This is the MOST important task we need completed to either:

        1. Somehow, refactor our current implementation to handle high stress loads

        2. Turn to using Aron Granberg's A* Pathfinding Pro's Grid Graphs and integrate that already multithreaded plugin with our existing systems.


    • Utility-based AI Behavior Creation (with DecisionFlex)
      • In our combat system, each entity moves according to formulas that decide the best course of action to take. Look here

        You will build atop of these and create flexible behaviors.
    • Robust Serialization
      • There is no plugin in use here, just JSON serialization. Open to using a plugin, if it's well-supported and multi-platform.

        We need a bulletproof save system and the ability to save/serialize during combat -- saving all combat statuses and positions.
    • Adept with Unity UI
      • You have an adept understanding of building functional and responsive UIs.
    • Unity Editor Extensions
      • Right now, a great deal of our operations are repeating. It would be great to be able to build internal tools that make certain operations easier.

    The ideal candidate is able to debug and refactor existing code with minimal help. However, you will not be alone as you will work alongside the lead developer whom is familiar with all the systems.

    We need someone who can provide us elegant solutions and deliver them in a timely manner. Certain things like the A* refactor/reimplementation will take time, but we need to know progress is being made.

    Please send your hourly rate, past work and resume over to Or, you can add Copywright#3697 on Discord.

    For the A* refactor, we are open to hiring someone specifically on a contract basis to implement Aron Granberg's on a separate GitHub branch -- please reach out with estimates if you're interested in that!

    Last edited: Mar 29, 2022