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[PAID][Remote][Contractor] - Art Director PHILIPPINES

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by Shobo_C, Nov 10, 2023.

  1. Shobo_C


    Jul 22, 2013

    Introduction & Summary

    My name is Shobo Coker, and I'm a Creative Director at Endless Adventures Inc.

    Founded by industry veteran Jordan Wiseman (creator of Battletech and Shadowrun), our studio is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of narrative adventure games. To that end, our team is looking for a visionary Art Director who can lead and inspire a small creative team of Filipino artists to produce high-quality titles.

    About the Position

    Applicants MUST be located in the Philippines. This REMOTE role is central to our mission, requiring a 40-hour weekly commitment as a full-time CONTRACTOR with commensurate pay.

    We are eager to find someone to manage and guide a small, dedicated team of 2D/3D artists, shaping the visual narrative that will define our games. You'd also play a key role in utilizing Adventure Forge, our proprietary "no-code" tool that's set to revolutionize how we create and tell stories.

    Position reports to: Creative Director, Studio Manager, CEO

    The Art Director is responsible for establishing the stylistic look and feel of our games and leading our team of internal and external artists, and technical artists in realizing those stylistic visions.

    • Defining each game’s art style within the context of the creative goals of the game as established by the game’s creative director.
    • Establishing the art and animation tools and pipelines required to realize the stylistic goals of each game.
    • Working with technical artists and members of the engineering team to add the components to our game authoring platform necessary to empower not only ourselves but other creators in making the best-looking games possible within the limitations of the platform.
    • Conveying expectations, both in terms of the level of quality and content (backgrounds, environments, characters), to the graphics team ( lead artists, concept artists, environment artists, character artists, animation team) by making use of the pertinent visual references, concept art, production design, and atmosphere materials.
    • Assigning art tasks and managing artists in the completion of those tasks in the context of the game's overall development plan.
    • Providing guidance and advice to the team, as well as managing freelancers and outside studios, if necessary.
    • Active participation in recruitment (CV and portfolio sorting, test corrections, interviews, etc.) for artists and animators.
    • Mentoring artists and animators to help them advance their skills and careers.
    • Working with the marketing team to supply images and videos needed for the promotion of our games.

    • A minimum of 3+ years of experience as an art director or lead artist on mobile, console or PC video games.
    • 3+ years of experience in the technical aspects of Unity graphics in order to be able to understand how to realize their stylistic visions at high frame rate performance.
    • Excellent artistic and technical skill sets (concept art, illustration, high-resolution sculpting/modeling, UI design).
    • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills.

    Contact Info

    Please do NOT message directly via the Unity Boards.
    Interested parties should send resumes and portfolios to:
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  2. Shobo_C


    Jul 22, 2013
    This position has now been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied!