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[Paid, Part Time, Remote] Artist and Animator (2D & 3D)

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by ArleaStudios, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. ArleaStudios


    Nov 29, 2021
    Arlea Studios Ltd is looking for a part-time Artist and Animator capable of working in both 2D and 3D for an initial fixed term contract of 12 months. The applicant must be legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom and have a home address in the United Kingdom. This contract will be remote working and the applicant must be able to supply their own hardware adequate for the job and must have a reliable high speed internet connection. Depending on the needs of the studio an opportunity may be available to move to a permanent full-time contract after the end of the 12 months but this job will be physically located in Liverpool.


    Hours per week : 20

    Required Skills:
    - Be capable of producing high quality art for games, promotional materials, bonus content, collectables etc.
    - Be capable of handling art for all stages of development from initial design sketches and storyboarding to finished polished products.
    - Be capable of producing artwork and models for multiple different areas including but not limited to characters, items, environments, effects and UI.
    - Producing high quality 2D artwork, sprites and animations
    - Producing detailed high quality 3D models, textures, shaders, etc.
    - Knowledge of art applications such as krita and photoshop.
    - Knowledge of 3D modelling software such as blender.
    - Be familiar with in-engine tools of Unreal Engine and Unity Engine such as animation mapping, rigging, lighting, materials and shaders.
    - Be capable of working from brief.
    - Be capable of working creatively without brief, creating designs from scratch.
    - Ability to work cross-discipline and communicate ideas with non-technical staff
    - Able to work with other disciplines to develop engine tools required for development.
    - Good communication skills
    - Communicate progress to management and other team members were required.
    - Inform management of potentially problematic design features and advise on alternatives.
    - Passion for art and playing games
    - Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to deliver features to deadlines
    - Assess gameplay and provide feedback on gameplay elements and report bugs.
    - Assess art assets in game and help rectify issues such as visual clipping.
    - Be capable of working alone or as part of a team.
    - Be capable of retrieving tasks, managing your tasks and reporting on task progress using team management platforms without prompting from management.
    - Inform management promptly when their input or feedback is required to progress a task while identifying and working on alternative tasks whilst awaiting their response.
    - Be capable of breaking down game design documentation into smaller tasks.
    - Create tasks on team management platforms.

    Expected Role:

    You will be expected to work alone or as part of a team to develop games and applications from initial design stages through to the final product. You will be expected to develop these products for multiple platforms including but not limited to PC, Android, Consoles, etc. You will be expected to create designs from brief and also produce original designs without input. You will be required to work on all art aspects of our games from initial concept designs through to full production and will be expected to keep record of each stage of your artwork for inclusion in bonus materials such as artbooks. You will design, produce, rig and animate characters, objects and effects and map their animations in the game engines we use. You will be required to animate 2D objects in sprite sheets and frame animation and rig and animate 3D objects. You must be able to quickly iterate through design sketches based on feedback whilst retaining copies of each redesign for future development.
    We currently use Codecks for project management and you will be expected to familiarise yourself with the platform and ensure you are capable of splitting a game design document down into tasks to post on the platform. You will be expected to manage your own time and progress efficiently and report issues and to management promptly. Additionally, you will be expected to perform any other tasks management determines to fall within the purview of your job.

    Your initial work is expected to be in the production of 3D assets and animations from concept sketches through to production. Previous experience is preferred. Familiarity with additional programming languages is desirable.

    Note: If you provide a link to a covering letter or resume/CV please use only document hosts where we can view the documents without log in credentials. Do not link to file downloads.

    Links to Portfolios : Please only use websites that will allow us to view your portfolio without signing in to an account such as Art Station or Deviant Art. Do not link to file downloads.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2021