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[Paid] Need someone to make high-detail spaceship models for futuristic/advanced alien armadas

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by tsibiski, Feb 7, 2023.

  1. tsibiski


    Jul 11, 2016
    I am developing a roguelike deckbuilder set in a distant scifi future where the character is a member of an ancient alien race who is beset by the Galactic Union of multiple other spacefaring species.

    Here is a quick look at the game loop, including ship early ship combat and some ships from an asset pack:

    There are four notable factions as far as the design of the spaceships I need are concerned.

    • Ranokk - the player species with a very unique design to their ships. Harsh spikes, massive arms, obsidian black metal and a lot of accent lights. I have a specific idea for the first ship of this species, which is the one I want.
    • Accretions - the antagonists of the game, with their own design to space ships, distinct from the other main factions. Not settled on these yet.
    • Gigans - enormous biological entities that survive in the vacuum of space and act like biological ships. Think Stellaris Leviathans or Starcraft 2 Leviathans. In fact, I chose "Gigans" because I don't think we need more Leviathans. ;)
    • Galactic Union - this is a union of many species, and I currently envision their ships to be designs that would look at home in the ships from the Mass Effect universe. Which, by a stroke of luck is a very common design for pre-made assets. I have a couple asset packs from CGPitbull and I am happy filling out the Galactic Union roster with ships from these packs as they fit the art direction and game in a lot of ways.

    So what I want to start with is the five ship classes that the player species, the Ranokk, will have. And I have a specific envision for the first ship.

    I am looking for someone who can make ships of a similar fidelity/quality to (or almost all the ship packs by GC Pitbull.

    One important note: These ships will be viewed from an RTS 3rd person sky view, so they do not all as many of the add-ons that GC Pitbull asset packs might have that support a much larger asset where the ships are interacted with in an a grander scale.

    Please let me know if you are interested. Please also provide a portfolio of similar designs, be they space warships or other things that show you can still make what I would need from a fidelity and detail standpoint. And also let me know what you think a very rough estimate of prices would be for a ship. Obviously some will be more expensive that others due to the details needed, but a rough ballpark estimate helps.

    Also, I am interested in getting multiple skins for the same 5 ship models for the player species. I plan on making different textures/skins unlockable for players as achievements, and I am curious what that would cost since the models would already exist for skin variants.

    But some of that is for later on. What I need right here in the present, with this posting, is a single ship for the Ranokk alien race.

    A quick description: It is a "Riftwalker" Class Dreadnaught. It will be a relatively long ship that acts sort of like a sniper. It's long black body has various protrusions along the hull, looking somewhat like spikes. At the front of the ship are 5 long "fingers" that wrap around and cradle an anomaly. This ship generates a white hole (opposite of a black hole), which the fingers stabilize, and the resulting matter ejected by the white hole is directed into an incredibly powerful beam of plasma that can destroy entire planets. (I will do a rough drawing of the entire thing before modeling would start).

    Here is some character art which might inspire the design of ships around them...


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