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Bug Package manager - Update Asset Store Asset - includes deprecated assets

Discussion in 'Unity 6 Beta' started by Lurking-Ninja, Oct 7, 2023.

  1. Capture.PNG

    Consider this screenshot. The Filter "Update available" includes certain deprecated assets which don't have valid updates (at least not what I can reach at any point). The deprecated items don't show up in 2022LTS package manager when it comes to "update available" assets.
    (note: I already updated the top two assets, they are showing the truth!)
  2. adamgolden


    Jun 17, 2019
    I noticed this recently also - there's a * in the "Download update 1.0*" of the button also, hovering that button says something to the effect of "this package has been updated for your version of the editor" iirc, but I haven't looked at what it did. Maybe it's the new way of updating code, how it used to tell you something on import (i.e. like "this package needs code updated, do you want to do this, yes/no/yes and for all in the future" or whatever)