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Package Manager relocated dialog message is like ...

Discussion in '2018.2 Beta' started by steffen-itterheim, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. steffen-itterheim


    Nov 10, 2015


    Please. Just tell the user what's wrong (if anything) and what to do in just a few words. If nothing is required to be done (which seems to be the case here as indicated by the word "Warning") then don't show a dialog box.

    I foresee thousands of Unity developers getting used to clicking Ok for months on end because no one bothers to read these instructions (aka "big blob of bla"), let alone understand what needs to be done here, or whether - whatever it might be - actually needs anything done to said whatever.

    And how would anyone even know whether UnityPackageManager folder is still needed? That assumes one actually knows about how Unity manages packages internally. It's not something a lot of devs bother with.

    Surely there's a better solution to this ... perhaps offer a readable warning and quick-fix functionality in the PackageManager GUI?
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  2. DanielTG


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 15, 2018
    Hi Steffen,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We're aware that this might be a bit overboard and the Package Manage team have since simplified the message somewhat. Likewise, many of the case where this message originally popped up are no longer applicable.

    There is a detailed entry in the Upgrade Guide for 2018.1 which covers this change, and other potential areas to look for or external configurations to change.

    Please keep the Package Manager feedback coming.

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