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Bug Overlay canvas vanishes from desktop monitor when SteamVR is initialized

Discussion in 'VR' started by JWittig, Apr 5, 2023.

  1. JWittig


    Apr 5, 2020
    Hey all,
    in our application we use OpenVR as XR Plugin, the SteamVR package and the High Definition Render Pipeline.The VR view is mirrored to the desktop monitor. On top of that we have got an overlay canvas containing UI. Since the VR view does not support overlay canvases, the UI is only displayed on the desktop monitor, which is exactly what we want.
    Since we have updated from Unity 2021.3.8 to Unity 2022.2.11 this is not working anymore. Instead the UI is not correctly displayed on the desktop monitor either. This only occurs in the build and not in the editor.
    To find the reason, I created two new projects (one in Unity 2021.3.8 and one in 2022.2.11). I installed XR-Management, the OpenVR plugin by Valve and SteamVR to both. In both I created a scene consisting of the same components (a 3d plane, a SteamVR player prefab on top of it and an overlay canvas with a red square in the center) and created two builds. Both builds worked fine, but after installing the High Definition Render Pipeline package to both projects, the one build with Unity 2022.2.11 stopped working.
    Build created with Unity 2021.3.8 looks like the first uploaded image.
    Build created with Unity 2022.2.11 looks like the second uploaded image.
    The red part in the second image comes from the red square that is supposed to be in the center and is only visible when looking in certain directions with the VR camera, however in the HDM itself no red can be seen.
    I even tried to create a build after deactivating all possible HDRP features but the bare presence of the package seemed to cause the problem. The issue can also be reproduced with Unity 2022.2.13 and even Unity 2023 alpha.
    I have no idea where this is coming from. At the moment we are considering to downgrade to Unity 2021.3.8 but it feels bad to do so, since there are so many HDRP fixes in the 2022 version. Any hint or idea by you on how to fix this is much appreciated.
    Thank you,
    PS: If you need the example projects i can upload them as well, but there is nothing in it except the components I mentioned.

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    Last edited: Apr 5, 2023