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Our game doesn't have any third party analytics or advertising, yet Apple claims it does.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VoidUpdate, Jan 25, 2022.

  1. VoidUpdate


    Dec 3, 2014
    Initial unresolved iOS issue from Apple:

    - Your app includes third-party analytics or third-party advertising with the ability to collect, transmit or share identifiable information, including, for example, IDFA. We found that your app references the ASIdentifierManager API, which provides access to a user's IDFA, in the following location(s) in your binary:

    • Frameworks/UnityFramework.framework/UnityFramework

    We followed the steps included here:

    Apple is still claiming that the ASidentifierManager is present. We are using Unity Ads and Unity Analytics, is it even possible to remove the Manager while using those services?

    Our game is limited in this sense and we dont want to share our data with third parties. We have no idea where these errors could be coming from.

    Furthermore, this is Apple's latest response:

    Before we can proceed with the review of your app, we need additional information about how it complies with Guideline 1.3.

    Next Steps

    To help us proceed with the review of your app, please provide complete and detailed responses to the following questions.

    • Does your app include third-party analytics? If so, please provide details about what data is collected for this purpose.
    • Does your app include third-party advertising? If so, please provide a link to the ad network's publicly-documented practices and policies for kids apps.
    • Will the data be shared with any third parties? If so, for what purposes and where will this information be stored?
    • Is your app collecting any user or device data for purposes beyond third-party analytics or third-party advertising? If so, please provide a complete and clear explanation of all planned uses of this data.

    Thank you so much for the help. We need to solve this, if need be we can compensate someone for their time and support.

  2. angrypenguin


    Dec 29, 2011
    Removing the manager isn't the point, that's just how they detected that you have analytics in your app. The point is that since you do have analytics in your app and data collection / privacy laws are fairly comprehensive and strict these days, they need answers to each of the questions they've asked. There's really no way around that.

    You'll need to check with Unity Ads and Unity Analytics to see what data they collect and how they use it, as well as checking what is collected and used within your own business, and then provide Apple with answers accordingly. Depending on what's being collected and used you may need to do more than that. For instance, do you have a published Privacy Policy of your own?

    - - -

    P.S: You've asked this in one of the few spots on these boards which specifically isn't for support questions. This would be better placed in the Analytics & Player Engagement section. ;)