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Question Optimization Tips for a TBS Mobile Game

Discussion in 'General Graphics' started by PinkPlague, Sep 22, 2023.

  1. PinkPlague


    Sep 22, 2023

    I'm working on a new mobile game and I am seeking some advice and technical guidance. Below, I've outlined the foundational aspects and technical requirements of the game:

    • Gameplay: I am developing a 1v1 game where players capture regions against each other. There are no soldiers or characters on the map; a given effect or animation represents the capture. The game's objective is for the player who captures more regions to win.
    • Target Device: I am designing the game for the "average person's" phone. The goal is for the application to run smoothly on medium devices at least 5 years old, such as a 2018 iPhone model.
    • Graphic Style and Presentation:
    1. The game is in the turn-based strategy genre.
    2. It features a top-down camera angle.
    3. A visible island is in the game.
    4. The major objects on the island are modeled in 2D, with their animations appearing in sequences.
    5. The other less resource-intensive elements are rendered in 3D. The camera angle is fixed.
    6. The game includes the following animations: water movement, fog, colorful plant pulsation, and destruction animations for two playable locations.
    7. I'm attaching the 2D map to the email so you can better evaluate my needs.
    8. I envision the style to be similar to that of Age of Frostfall.
    • What polygon count would you recommend for the aforementioned devices to ensure the game runs smoothly?
    • What kind of animations and effects should I determine in terms of extension and size?
    • What pixel resolution is advisable for textures?
    • Do you have any advice or techniques on how to precisely predefine these parameters for the graphic designer creating the terrain?

    We'd like to establish a starting point so that the final terrain doesn't demand too many resources but still achieves the best possible visual outcome.

    I appreciate any advice and guidelines you can provide. Thank you for your insights and observations in advance!

    Best regards,

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