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Opinions about networking frameworks

Discussion in '2D' started by AppPlayer123, Oct 12, 2019 at 3:18 AM.

  1. AppPlayer123


    Nov 1, 2017
    I am thinking about writing my own networking server for a multiplayer game that is in a reasonable scope (player movements, bullet-like movement, health, and cheat-detection) in a 2d game.

    After watching several videos on different frameworks, I am considering to write my own server-side scripts which would handle these issues for me, even better that I can customize it.

    I had written my own networking script for a chat application in node.js in which a unity client connected to. It was not too bad, but I fear that I may be scoping the project too far by writing one myself.

    But I would really like opinions on those who have worked with netcode or network frameworks before and what they thought of them. Are they convenient to use? Are they easy to customize so that you can detect cheating? My goal is to check all player movement (a game with a small scope, and its 1 vs 1), therefore I don't expect much latency.

    Opinions and thoughts appreciated :)
  2. Antypodish


    Apr 29, 2014
    First would be nice, if you ask such question in correct forum section.
    Connected Games

    There is a thread, which compares existing frameworks. Is worth to look at and think, if it is worth spending time, to create own framework, or focus on actual game making you love.