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Games (Open World, Car Jacking) "Extortionist" | Scammah 2024 (Real world satellite GIS/OSM based)

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by Automatanism, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. Automatanism


    Nov 24, 2021

    In the year 2024, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, main character "Blacka" (Steven Blackburn) engages in scamming amidst the 20th outbreak of a new respiratory virus, as more youngsters without internet access (while social security benefits are non-existent) are forced to undertake various methods of gathering funds. Amidst this latest outbreak, less and less new items are being imported into the country, including goods such as cars etc.

    Blacka loves cars, and tends to involve cars in his "activities" sometimes, around car culture in Jamaica.

    /* Location */

    Location: Montego Bay, 2024
    Actual 3D Map: Montego Bay Jamaica, based on Satellite/OSM/GIS data.
    Map Menu also based on Satellite/OSM/GIS data.

    /* Artificial Intelligence and Beyond Entertainment */

    This environment will be used to further train my NVIDIA featured pothole detector, in a simulated way.
    It could also serve to enable larger Ai/self driving modules, with Jamaican/third world road/conditions and drivers in mind.

    /* Features */

    •Real World OSM based 3d World Map (and MiniMap as well) of Montego Bay, Jamaica (including real world building locations roads, water).

    •6880 real individual building locations from real world OSM Data of Montego Bay Jamaica.

    •Thousands of real road locations, real swimming pool locations, soccer playing field locations, tennis court locations, etc of Montego Bay Jamaica.

    •Unity3d Vegetation Studio Pro organized foliage/grass.

    •Unity3d Forest Dynamic Nature based foliage/grass.

    •Unity3d Car Driver System based car mechanics.

    •Unity3d Car Driver System based car NPC Ai.
    a. Artificial drivers/NPCS will blow their horns and eventually go around main player if main player obstructs their immediate path.
    b. Artificial drivers/NPCS follow long paths/goals around city.
    c. Artificial drivers/NPCS will shout expletives when main player steals their vehicles while they are driving them.

    •Randomation Vehicle Physics Deformation.

    •God Bennett's custom unity3d MiniMap System inspired by real life cell phone maps.

    •God Bennett's simple unity3d radio system.

    •NVBoids birds system

    •NVBoids water system

    •"Omni Automobil" Graphics/Text Theme by myself (GUI adopted from my new global omni-automobil car category publications)

    /* Contact */