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Official Open-sourcing of Live Capture stYpe package

Discussion in 'Virtual Production' started by KazuyaHayashi, Jan 26, 2024.

  1. KazuyaHayashi


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 25, 2020
    Dear Virtual Production enthusiasts,

    You may already be aware that we have open sourced packages that were previously available in the Virtual Productions Beta Program, and the recent Blackmagic package open-sourcing. Now we are pleased to announce the open sourcing of our Live Capture stYpe package, which can be used to capture data from camera tracking devices that support the stYpe protocol.

    This package features:
    1. a component to sync the RedSpy device and the camera in Unity scene, which encompasses properties such as movement, rotation, focus, zoom, timecode, etc.
      This component uses the Take System in Live Capture and allows recording.
    2. control of Depth of Field and Lens Distortion camera post-effects.
    3. external synchronization via Genlock (on Blackmagic capture boards)
    On this occasion, we would also like to highlight our experimental VisualCompositor package which provides a node based graph editor to do image compositing. Using stYpe, Blackmagic, Keyer, and VisualCompositor together empowers us to do virtual production with high flexibility in real time, which includes applying an extended mask to render CG outside our green background space. Check out this video to take a closer look at how we leverage these packages internally.

    stYpe x Unity Case Study

    This Live Capture stYpe package is available in a public GitHub repository as a community supported package. Please note that we are providing it as it is with no maintenance or release plans at the moment, and therefore, we will not actively monitor bug reports, accept feature requests, nor review package pull requests.

    The team hopes that this additional package will improve your Virtual Production using Unity and help you tackle larger and more complex production scenarios.

    Best regards.

    stYpe Package Team.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2024