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3D Open source atlas of human anatomy

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by Deleted User, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User


    Aloha game-maker!

    The number of students or enthusiasts likely to want to test themselves in anatomy is huge!

    If you want to put your skills of game-creator to the service of the public knowledge about health; this post may interest you:

    I gathered, repaired, remeshed, organized and completed in a .blend hundreds of accurate 3D open-source anatomy files.

    This kind of file is sold for more than 10,000 euros on the market is largely underused.

    The following game could be an inspiration:

    It will remain open source because it uses open source 3D.
    Therefore, there is no money, neither for me, neither for the development.

    The content is huge, accurate, beautiful and only needs a few commands and an interface to be turned into a regular anatomy atlas (like this one: and/or into a serious-(but-funny)-game (as this one:

    I am keen to push the anatomy and 3D work as far as it can get.
    I made some games with the Blender Game Engine but do not code.

    Does somebody want to be the one who makes it happen with Godot?
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  2. razzraziel


    Sep 13, 2018
    That's great but what about the poly counts?