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Official: How Can We Serve You Better?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bibbinator, May 14, 2014.

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  1. Red Spark

    Red Spark

    Jun 7, 2014
    I'm a former Flash / now HTML5 developer interested in creating something deeper and more meaningful, like a story-driven 2D shooter with Steam Greenlight and IndieGoGo in mind. So when it comes to my expectations, a sophisticated 2D pipeline would be a must, preferably with 2D skeletal animation fully integrated in the editor (currently I'm using Spine and I love it, but it's still an external tool and rather expensive for those who consider buying it). Another thing I would benefit from would be a streamlined ability to create alternative deferred rendering equations with custom uber-shaders, written in GLSL or some meta shading language (I love Stage3D AGAL - you can do beautiful low-level stuff in it).

    Regarding pricing, I wouldn't mind paying $200+/mo for premium subscription, if it could give me some sense of exclusivity and belonging to the community, whatever that means: member-exclusive local meetings, industry insights, premium job/collaboration listings, a personal manager, who could help to arrange a playtesting or to launch a Kickstarter, exclusive deals in Asset Store, etc.

    I've seen you guys at Moscow DevGamm 2014, and I loved your attitude and loyalty to your indie roots - something that Epic will never have. I remember that story told by David during keynote about him doing his laundry, being completely broken and suddenly realizing the big picture of things to come. Now it's time to realize that community and being the part of something bigger is the key, and monetizing that feeling is essential. Don't sell just the tools, sell the whole experience of being indie.
  2. TheGameWizard


    Oct 22, 2013
    I use Unity , to make presentations, just as an alternative to kinds of powerpoint. Though power point is great, I like to do it in Unity because of the power to code anything and get those effects. But currently, I am facing, just one problem. Can we have LATEX integration with unity. Something like, we will type in Latex in mono, and it will render in latex in Unity. I have heard about Worlfram making plans to join Unity. But will that adress this issue ??
  3. bibbinator


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 20, 2009
    Hi everybody,
    I haven't really changed the list since the last summary since the core ideas are represented here, but reposting the list here before closing the thread.

    We have taken this list and expanded, organized and are acting on it. A number of things have, and are coming out of this. Really appreciate all the feedback so far, and hopefully you're seeing the fruits of all this beginning to emerge already, and much more to come. There will be lots of threads to participate in, so keep contributing :)

    Product takeaways:
    • Improved communication across the board
    • Frequent, regular tech blog posts
    • Fix more bugs, and then release fixes faster
    • Public, maintained, prioritized, votable roadmaps that includes bugs
    • Community manager(s) will help ensure all posts needing a dev to answer gets answered
    • Provide Starter Kits to show best-practices and jumpstart user projects
    • More documentation improvements
    • Cleanup Answers site
    • Integrate Feedback site stuff on Roadmaps
    • Mono, MonoDevelop upgrade or replacement
    • HD/SD asset support, also integrated with uGUI
    • Finish out and upgrade feature that aren't there yet
    • NavMesh upgrade
    • Particle System upgrade
    • Terrain system upgrade
    • Input system upgrade
    • Help with post-launch services such as IAP, leaderboards, etc.
    • Visual Shader editor
    • Visual Programming
    • Cinematic/Sequence editor
    • Replace Asset Server, better support for collaboration
    • Maybe Render to Texture should be Free
    • More multi-core, multi-threaded, parallelization enhancements and optimizations across all platforms
    • Memory management improvements and optimization
    • Nested prefabs
    • Asset Store improvements
    Pricing takeaways:
    • Some people love subscription, some love perpetual, so need to keep both
    • Would like some way to have Pro features more affordable, possibly free, watermark or royalty for this is okay
    • Those that like subscription think the price though is too high
    • Most individuals and small teams are okay with spending around $1,500 for Pro if it included all the add-ons
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