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Offering 3D art and Technical 3D art

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Seeking' started by DevsGoingViral, Jul 22, 2021.

  1. DevsGoingViral


    Jan 16, 2015
    Full again, sorry, will update my status if i become free... Hi i am senior 3D artist and somewhere above intermediate Technical 3D artist, video game developer with about 10 years of experience across various game studio positions.

    My old 3D Portfolio , My Temporary Game-Dev website

    My software's of choice and my capabilities:

    3D's studio Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer. (and whatever i grab on the way)
    3D art, Technical 3D art[shaders, particles, scripts, pipelines for other 3D artists, deep study of the project and optimising the whole team, implementations, asset repairs and monitoring, mentoring 3D artists, making database of materials, smart materials and other so other artists can work faster and better, being bridge in between 3D art and coding team/bounding few other studio positions for the cohesive results, making sure also that player gets proper feedback based on his actions],Game design documents, story writing, rigs, animations, scripting game mechanics or individual asset mechanics in C#, level design, scene dressing, project setup, lightning setup, 2D UI elements, Unity game engine extensive video game development(and Unreal4 3D artwork and shader/material creation).

    Man made environment pieces, props, weapons, vehicles and anything else is possible but i may lack speed for sure for those other things.
    I can texture up to semi realistic or realistic with artistic touches (think of Uncharted4 main assets).
    All my work is always done in short time limits so my portfolio reflects that urgency.

    How I work with teams:
    During 10 years I was developing my own video game projects and freelancing as technical 3D and 3D artist for startups with Teams of various skill levels and compositions and I can swim in no matter what is thrown at me. Obviously friendly guy and I know working within teams(the behaviour, deliveries, ways of working toward mutual goals which are super cool projects being finished, related to that obviously I can take any constructive feedback and give the same back).
    I am known to take initiative when needed. I can work with a lot of documents or without any. Pretty much I am "set and forget" if needed.

    How you can register me as an individual with no sweat in case that you are obligated by a law:
    In relation to your company I am an individual(no company) and you can make a "consultant of the company" contract with me which is basically just a handshake and companies have rights on a few of those, legal stress free arrangements . Based on your company type and local specific laws you should check about the subject more.

    I can work all days in a week, 8 hour shifts and hour rate can be refined to fit the actual efforts that I am supposed to put in(after our talk), but I go for 10 euros per hour for 3D art(includes work inside of game engines such as implementations and scene work...) without Tech3D.
    Payment either via Paypal or western Union in any currency(i will do conversion locally).
    From the recent issue where i was not paid(from using another type of the platform) i will absolutely not deliver before the payment is done.

    In case that you require art test i can do free art test that will not take more then 3 hours from my time. Otherwise paid art test is possible with hour rate of 5 euros with maximum duration of 3 days.

    I can put whole projects from scratch to finish so even such arrangements are possible for smaller 3D projects.

    Thank you for your time, feel free to reach me here or via email where i can share 10 times of the work that you seen here:
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